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Psalm 27 ~ a Bridge Between Confidence and Despair

During the Hebrew month of Elul ~ the last cycle of the moon before we enter a new year through the gates of the Yamim Nora’im (Days of Awe) ~ Jewish practice is to do cheshbon ha’nefesh (a soul accounting). This opportunity is … Continue reading

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Wake Up. And Stay Awake.

These are the words of Hazzan Jessi Roemer, dear friend of LMKehilla’s Spiritual Leader Jessica Shimberg and are shared with the author’s express permission and blessings for a Sweet Shabbes. The photo is also that of the author who spent … Continue reading

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Shabbat Re’eh ~ What Do We See?

Last Shabbat afternoon, members of our kehilla sat in the sanctuary at JCC Camp Hoover. All around us, wherever we gazed, the bright sunlight danced across strong tree trunks as their green leaves fluttered in the gentle breeze of a “picture perfect” … Continue reading

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Speaking to the Rock ~ The Power of our Tone and Body Language in Speech

This week, Chukat, in our cycle of Torah, we remain in the wilderness/B’midbar (also know as Numbers) continuing both the journey of learning “the rules” of behavior and right relationship, and the physical journey of travel from slavery in Egypt to the promised … Continue reading

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