We strive to greet every person who has found their way to our community with warmth and respect. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about what you are seeking in a spiritual community. We welcome all people who have a sincere interest in exploring what it means to live Jewishly in the 21st century, and are fond of saying that we welcome the spiritual and the skeptical alike. We find that people who like what we have to offer want to join us regularly and want to know more about membership in our Kehilla/community. Here are some concerns and questions we’ve heard and the answers we offer:

There is another faith tradition in my background or in our household … Great! That is common in our community and, as rabbi Jessica likes to remind us, has also been very common at other points in Jewish history (for example: from Biblical time through the early common era!). We don’t just welcome interfaith families, we celebrate them (we are them, in many homes) and the richness we each bring to participating in our Jewish community. 

I’m unsure I believe in God? That’s OK. Many of us are wrestling with that too. Belief in God has never been a dogmatic part of Jewish life. The more you learn and listen as part of our kehilla, the more you realize that a “God-allergy,” as rabbi Jessica frequently calls it, is a common response to a steady diet of pediatric notions of God … the man with the long white beard on a throne in the heavens, passing judgment on our actions and punishing us for bad behavior.  How can that notion of God speak to a world so complex, so full of wonder, and so broken? How can that notion of God meet the challenges of our intellectual and spiritual rumination? You will find that we don’t believe in that God that you don’t believe in. Our liturgical and spiritual practices foster a complex and deeply personal notion of the Sacred within the world and we work, each day, to walk that talk.

What do you need from me? We are a growing, grass-roots, participatory Jewish community. Every person is valued for the unique gifts we bring to the whole. Open and welcoming doors require strong and sustainable doorposts. We hope that you will want to give as much as you can of yourself – this will allow us to blossom and attract more members like you, who share our ethos and dreams for the future. For some, “giving as much as you can of yourself” means time and talents along with our modest annual dues. For others, a generous financial commitment is easier. We have never turned away a person seeking membership in our Kehilla because of inability to pay. We are most interested in your participation and the gift to each of us that comes from being a part of a dynamic, vibrant, and meaningful Jewish community.

Our question to you: Are you in? A link to our membership brit is here – LM membership agreement final 2017&18.  Payments may be made via our website link (top right of our home page) and by mail. Non-electronic payments should be mailed to: LMK Treasurer P.O. Box 141533, Columbus, OH, 43214

For information about the Little Minyan Kehilla and how you join us, please contact our Membership chair, Cindy Colen, at, or our rabbi, Jessica K. Shimberg at 614.592.9593, or, by email, at