Yamim Nora’im ~ Our Days of Awe 5778/2017

You don’t need a ticket, an invitation, or even clarity of purpose … just an open heart and mind … join us and see. Please do let us know that you are coming by clicking here and completing a brief questionnaire. You can access our complete schedule of event descriptions, times, and locations here: Days of Awe 5778 Schedule. 

We welcome and greatly appreciated contributions of any amount to the sustainability and health of our kehilla and the vibrant alternative we offer the central Ohio Jewish landscape. You can click on the PayPal link in the upper right corner of this page or contact our treasurer through our email address: littleminyan@littleminyan.org, if you’d prefer to send a check or make an electronic funds transfer. Your generosity makes a difference! 

In addition to this website, you can also keep track of the Little Minyan Kehilla on our Facebook Page.

Clintonville location: Mennonite Church, 35 Oakland Park Ave., 43214; UA location: Covenant Presbyterian Churh, 2070 Ridgecliff Road, 43221; Dublin location: Scioto Park, 7377 Riverside Drive, 43065.