Children's Education – Our mini minyan

Little Minyan Kehilla LogoWhile we find there is a bit of education in everything we do, The Little Minyan offers child-focused Jewish education for children from age two through post-bnei mitzvah.  Educational programming is tailored to the individual learning style of each child and the overarching educational principle is cultivating an appreciation of and love for Judaism.

Our Mini Minyan is led by skillful and creative educators in experiential LMK.Elul@Branstoolformats.  Our goal is to foster enthusiastic and inquisitive conversation and engagement around the values, ethics, history, and
spiritual dimensions of Judaism in an environment where our children and adolescents feel safe to share and question and grow in their appreciation of their Jewish heritage and find ways to incorporate Judaism into their everyday lives as Americans and world citizens.  Educational tasks are designed so that students learn to connect their knowledge about Judaism with world history, the natural world, and community. Instruction is provided in a developmentally appropriate manner.  Educational activities are provided for youth within the unique setting of our mini minyan program AND the education of our youth is integrated with numerous Little Minyan activities to facilitate intergenerational learning and encourage lifelong learning.
Shavuot on the FarmDepending upon registration numbers, Teva Travelers, nature-centric Jewish educational programming for parents and children ages 2 through 6 is held twice per month.

For more information about youth education opportunities, please contact Emia Oppenheim-White at or Jessica Shimberg at

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